DID you know?

  • There are 4 types of valves necessary for your STORAGE hot water system to operate effectively and efficiently. To provide that perfectly tempered hot water. We inspect and replace each of these valves if need be. Most company’s only replace ONE VALVE.

    • Valve 1 - Inlet Non return Valve (This valve prevents used water returning back into the water supply.)

    • Valve 2 - Inlet Pressure Limiting Valve (This valve limits water pressure into the tank.)

    • Valve 3 - Pressure Relief Valve (Prevents tank from bursting..)

    • Valve 4 - Tempering Valve. (limits tap temperature as to avoid accidental burns.)

  • If your hot water system is a storage tank type, it is beneficial for the tank to be placed on a specialised waterproof tank pad to ensure longer tank life. This pad will ensure that your storage tank will not corrode prematurely.

  • Sacrificial anode’s in your hot water system, if replaced every 2 years can give your extra tank life.